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I have a confession to make.  Two summers ago, I worked on campus with a group of huge Twilight fans.  They converted me.  Upon urgent demands, I read the books and fell in love with the deeply mysterious Edward Cullen.  I couldn’t help myself.  He was charming and handsome just like he had walked out of a Victorian novel.  Yes, I know he’s a fictional character, but with the magic of the movies, he has practically come to life.  Granted, I didn’t particularly enjoy the “artistic” and “naturalistic” take of the first book, I had to give New Moon a shot.

I have to admit that New Moon was my least favorite book in the series.  There is so much that goes so wrong.  Bella annoys me and Edward disappears.  When I read the book, I felt abandoned by my favorite superhero forced to face danger all by myself.  That being said, I thought that the movie was amazing.  This movie followed the flow and general feelings of the book almost exactly how I pictured them in my mind while I anxiously read the book.  Even more, I loved the development of Jacob.  Although my heart absolutely belongs to Edward, I loved the folklore that Meyer developed around Jacob and the other Natives that inhabit Forks.  I love Native American culture and folklore.

I know that a lot of people take issue with the books, and I completely understand.  The love story is absolutely superficial: there is nothing substantial that makes Bella and Edward fall in love.  They just fall despite the fact that their relationship puts them both in tremedous danger.  Not exactly realistic or a good example, but it’s a book.  It’s fiction and Edward is dreamy.  Thus, it makes the perfect guilty pleasure for anyone willing to overlook a few things (like me)!  Twilight haters, please don’t hate me!

Now, more on my thoughts of the movie.  I went to see the movie with a group of friends Thursday evening/Friday morning, Premiere status baby!  I love going to these early movie showings.  They are so much fun.  You know that you’re enjoying the movie with fellow fans (because haters would not come out at such odd hours).  Unfortunately, this time, I didn’t get to go to my preferred theater, but the experience was still great.  We got perfect seats and everyone was excited when the movie started rolling.  I was excited and praying that this movie would meet my expectations.  I loved the end of this book: Italy and Alice (my favorite vampiress).  Everything met my expectations.  Even better, they cut the moping down making more time for Edward and Jacob.  And I must admit I loved Taylor Lautner.  He surprised me by doing a wonderful job playing Edward’s “competition” as Jacob Black.  He’s a formidable opponent: he is funny and relatable.  Obviously, he is much more human than Edward’s cold, vampiric character.  I inevitably found myself falling a little bit in love with him as he helped nurse Bella back to a somewhat normal state.

The bottom line, if you’re a Twilight fan, this will hopefully be a treat for you.  If not, skip it.  If you didn’t like the books, you won’t like the movies so don’t put yourself through the torture.

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope that you all enjoy a day filled with family and delicious food.


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