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Publisher’s Synopsis: When Mercury is in Retrograde, the only guarantee is anything that can go wrong, will.

Penelope Mercury, an intrepid reporter at the New York Telegraph, has pounded the pavement for five years from city borough, carrying out her boss’s eccentric orders to break stories that seem inconsequential to everyone but him.  Finally, she is inches away from being promoted to her dream job-covering courtroom drama for the paper-but after one spectacularly disastrous day, she is fired instead.

Lena “Lipstick Carcrash” Lippencrass has a pretty fabulous life, even by a socialite’s standards, as a top editor at the high fashion magazine Y.  Long lunches with her girlfriends and afternoons spent shopping at Bergdorf’s are all in a day’s work.  But when Lena’s always indulgent parents abruptly cut off her cash flow and kick her out of her beloved West Village duplex for refusing to work for the family business, she is forced to confront the reality of what it takes to pay the bills.

Dana Gluck, a workaholic lawyers, has been married for two years to a man who was perfect on paper but increasingly critical in reality.  She hoped that her dreams of motherhood would be fulfilled soon, which surely would also fix their marriage problems.  Instead, her husband leaves her for an exhange student/model who, to make matters worse, promptly gets pregnant.

When fate conspires to have these three very different women move into the same SoHo apartment building, they soon discover that having their carefully planned lives fall to pieces might be the best thing that could have ever happened to them.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Quills

About the Author: Paula Froelich is the deputy editor fo the New York Posts‘s Page Six column.  She lives in New York City.  This is first novel

Review: I want to start off by saying that I loved this novel.  After three very hard months of work and school, this was the perfect read for me.  I felt like a kindred spirit with all three of the main characters.  Penelope was the crazy one, running around New York with her frizzy hair that would not calm down for anyone or anything.  Then there was Lipstick, the socialite, who had a crazy way with fashion.  Then there was Dana, the workaholic, who hadn’t spent enough time on her social life.  All three ladies needed something that they were lucky enough to find in each other.

This story shows that sometimes you need to lose a little to gain a lot.  Penelope loses one job that treated her like crap with unreasonable demand.  It might have seemed like a big loss, but eventually she’ll learn that with every major loss comes a new beginning.  Lipstick loses her parent’s wealth but finds a new side to herself that she could have never found with her monetary ties to hear parents.  Dana loses her husband who was an arrogant prick anyway.  She gains a new sense of confidence and two unbelievably great new friends.

The point?  Pretty simple, any loss is the opportunity of a new beginning and that is all that really matters.  Moping won’t help.  These girls learn that and through determination and hard work are able to recreate themselves into something better.  I loved the girls and their stories.  They were hilarious and outrageous at times, which made them incredibly fun to read.  I felt like I could relate to every girl from her highs to her lows.

Even better Froelich paints a very vivid picture of New York that I fell in love with.  I still see myself living there someday.  Only time will tell if I’ll actually ever make it over there, but this book will definitely keep me dreaming.

This might have been a fluffy read, but it was absolutely enjoyable.


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