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This is a new blog – anyone who is reading it knows that – so I’m going to experiment with different components it might take on as it grows.  I want it to primarily be book reviews and other book related topics, but I think that my progress with writing is something that might interest people.  Thanks to writemeg, I have discovered a wonderful challenge that will hopefully help me get to my goal of finishing my first novel!

National Novel Writing Month runs from November 1 to November 30 and I’m already anxiously anticipating it!  I need serious motivation when it comes to writing – I get easily discouraged and have serious self-doubt issues when it comes to my written work.  This challenge encourages turning off the inner critcal editor and just WRITING for the sake of getting those ideas onto paper.  Sounds difficult but it is an important piece of the writing process according to most of what I’ve learned from my fiction writing class.  I’m encouraging anyone who is interested in writing a novel themselves (instead of just reading and reviewing them) to join me in the challenge of writing through November!

Also … any feedback on these little personal items?  Are they something readers like?  I’m still crafting exactly what this blog will entail and I’m not sure what to include and or cut.

UPDATE ON MY READING STATUS: Still working my way through Catch 22.  I plan to finish it and review it on Saturday.  This week has been incredibly hectic and I’ve found it difficult to find sufficient time for reading.  Also, I’ve had some trouble really getting into the book.  More about that on Saturday when I post the review.  Until then, happy reading (and maybe writing?).


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