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Publisher’s Synopsis: When a modern woman goes back to Jane Austen’s time, she needs to know everything!  Eleanor agrees to travel back in time to prevent a deadly duel, but she doesn’t know how to behave, what to say, and most importantly … how to tell a villain from a rake.  The captivating, infuriating, and mysterious Lord Shermont is a renowned rake and womanizer-but is he also a dangerous cutthroat spy?  Eleanor has to get up close and personal to find out.  Otherwise, she could fall into a most shocking scandal.  Thankfully, Miss Jane Austen herself arrives on the scene, with sage guidance and a twinkle in her eye, to help Eleanor navigate countryhouse society and the dangerous terrain of her own heart.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Quills

Review: This is my very first read for the Jane Austen challenge.  I’m in a rush to try and finish all (or any) challenge I can before the new year.  Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy.  But this book was still a joy to read.  Granted, it did get a little graphic at times, but I fell in love with the characters.  Eleanor was a wonderful heroine to follow into regency England.  I hadn’t been really all that into the Regency era before, but this book was a wonderful introduction.  I loved the descriptions of the house, the clothes, the gardens, the people … well, EVERYTHING!  This was a wonderful book for me to begin the challenge with.  I’m not a huge Austen buff, and this book didn’t really require me to have any prior knowledge.  I’m definitely recommending this one!

Quotes: “I suppose this author is much like any other,” Jane said.  “I once… heard an author describe writing as taking bits and pieces of her experiences and observations, then she questions, dissects, and analyzes them.  She extrapolates from them, stretching the though out.  Then she adds from her imagination a big dose of what might have been, a good measure of what would never be, and spice it all with wishful thinking” (256).


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