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As you all know, I’m reading Julie and Julia right now.  It’s a fitting book for me because it’s about a girl who starts a blog (sounds familiar, right).  I’m finding some of her excitement about getting readers to be very similar to mine.  I mean, I started the thing thinking that it would be a fun way to encourage me to make more time for reading – it has turned into a gateway for me to find friends, interesting discussion topics, and an immense selection of new reads (just to name a few).

Still, blogging feels strange to me.  I’m never really sure how much I should share.  I’m usually a very open person, but I can’t help but wonder, will people find me interesting?  Do my insights mean anything to anyone other than me?  Where do all the thought I type in here even go?  The world wide web is such an obscure thing when you really think about it (not that I really spend all that much time thinking about it, but every now and then the subject comes up.)  It’s this space where I send these long, typed strings of thought, but it’s not really tangible.  I can’t touch it like I can touch a notebook that I use for a journal.  It’s almost like it lives in some strange imaginary space that anyone can access from the comforts of well, anywhere (as long as they have a computer with internet access).  It’s exhilarating that it’s so easy to connect, but also slightly terrifying.

In Julie and Julia, Julie Powell write about “proto-blogger” Samuel Pepys who kept obsessive chronicles of his life – volume and volumes of minute details.  She summarizes her musings about him in the following exerpt:

There’s a dangerous, confessional thrill to opening up your eminently fascinating life and brain to the world at large, and the Internet makes it all so much faster and more brealthess and exciting.  But I wonder – would we still have Sam’s jack-off stories, the records of his marital spats, if he’d been a blogger rather than a diarist?  It’s one thing to chronicle your sexual and social missteps to satisfy your private masochistic urges, but sharing them with the world at large?  Surely there are some limits, aren’t there?

I would say I agree to some self-censoring on here.  I don’t want anyone to know all the private details of my life, which is why I keep a private journal as well as this blog.  Also, having a theme (book reviewing) helps me stay on track so that it’s not all about me – I don’t find myself that interesting so why would anyone else?  But there is still that lingering question – is sharing like this at all really a good thing?  It’s so easy to connect to people over a computer that I find making real connections with people in real life to be slightly terrifying.  I’ve always been socially awkward but knowing and meeting people online seems to take some of that awkward edge off.  There’s already a discussion going on and I’m just joining in so all that awkward in between time is eliminated.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  Are these just all part of some sort of undiagnosed blog-beginner syndrome?  Am I just losing my mind from my brain-less robot job?

Any thoughts from you, dear readers, out there somwhere in the expanses of the world wide web?  Is this something you ever think about?


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This is a new blog – anyone who is reading it knows that – so I’m going to experiment with different components it might take on as it grows.  I want it to primarily be book reviews and other book related topics, but I think that my progress with writing is something that might interest people.  Thanks to writemeg, I have discovered a wonderful challenge that will hopefully help me get to my goal of finishing my first novel!

National Novel Writing Month runs from November 1 to November 30 and I’m already anxiously anticipating it!  I need serious motivation when it comes to writing – I get easily discouraged and have serious self-doubt issues when it comes to my written work.  This challenge encourages turning off the inner critcal editor and just WRITING for the sake of getting those ideas onto paper.  Sounds difficult but it is an important piece of the writing process according to most of what I’ve learned from my fiction writing class.  I’m encouraging anyone who is interested in writing a novel themselves (instead of just reading and reviewing them) to join me in the challenge of writing through November!

Also … any feedback on these little personal items?  Are they something readers like?  I’m still crafting exactly what this blog will entail and I’m not sure what to include and or cut.

UPDATE ON MY READING STATUS: Still working my way through Catch 22.  I plan to finish it and review it on Saturday.  This week has been incredibly hectic and I’ve found it difficult to find sufficient time for reading.  Also, I’ve had some trouble really getting into the book.  More about that on Saturday when I post the review.  Until then, happy reading (and maybe writing?).

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